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Professional Development - Path Forward Program

Program Details

• Develop and fine-tune Oral and Written Communication Skills
• Public Speaking Coaching with Content Creation Tools and Tips
• Develop and Refine Leadership Skills
• Knowing your audience, reading the crowd, speaking their language
• Inspire and bring out the best in those you instruct and lead
• Understanding how to create and apply benchmarks and measures for learning and growth
• Setting meaningful goals for self and assisting others to do the same
• How to use Accountability to everyone’s advantage

Program Facilitator

Wade Rowan with Marine Emblem - Sandler Chattanooga FNL

Meet Wade Rowan

Wade Rowan is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in sales, management, leadership, and training. With a passion for creative thinking, positive development, and growth, Wade is a skilled speaker, teacher, and coach who has worked across all industries in the marketplace. He believes in maintaining profitable sales while providing the highest level of customer service to each client. Wade’s systematic approaches equip individuals and businesses to lead, manage, sell, and serve effectively by focusing on core principles such as maintaining the right attitudes, behaviors, and techniques.

As a former Marine, Wade understands that orientation is key to success. He believes in asking pertinent questions to determine one's position and then creating a systematic plan of action to achieve goals. Wade has experience in employee assessments, hiring, and accountability and has served on various boards and committees within his community. He is also available for speaking engagements on topics such as Communication, Problem Solving, Sales & Negotiations, Leadership, Team Development, and Accountability.

More About Sandler | Chattanooga

Sandler Training, the leader in professional development, corporate training, and development.

Our Chattanooga training/coaching team has worked extensively with many of the leading organizations for more than a decade. Developing leadership programs that provide the strategies, attitudes, and techniques needed to drive excellence. We excel at helping companies and individuals build highly efficient leadership, communication, and deep bench strength.

Sandler Training has trained 76% of the Fortune 500 and has been ranked the number one sales management/leadership training company by Entrepreneur Magazine sixteen times!

We recommend a multi-tiered approach for participants. Participants receive facilitator-led training, online learning, video, audio, and written reinforcement.

The purpose of training is to deliver results. People must be more effective after the training than they were before. We work with the executive teams to make sure that the participants both own and implement the training and help the participants move toward changing attitudes and feelings. We will give the participants hands-on opportunities to consistently apply the content being covered.  

To be effective as a trainer, the trainer must “own” the concepts he or she is teaching. Our Pinnacle Award Winning Sandler Chattanooga team has decades of public speaking, training, management, leadership, and sales experience. We leverage that with deep experience and expertise in delivering and coaching best practices that generate results.