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Meet Charlie Mizer

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Charlie Mizer

Charlie joins Sandler Chattanooga as a Vice President after being a valued industry partner.

Charlie grew up in a family billboard business. From an early age Charlie was involved in all aspects of the business alongside his father and two brothers. After earning a business degree from Lee University, where he played on the baseball team, he began his career in operations for the growing mid-sized company in East Tennessee. He later became an account executive, and eventually assumed the role of VP of sales, managing the sales team. His practical knowledge of developing teams and running successful businesses is extremely valuable.

Charlie is passionate about helping others unlock their potential through the Sandler system.

As a long-time client of Sandler Chattanooga, Charlie developed a passion for selling with an effective and efficient system allowing him and his team to achieve desired outcomes without wasting time, resources, and energy.

The continued success of the sales team was a significant contributor to the eventual sale of the family business in 2018. After the sale of the company, Charlie invested in residential rental properties and a swimming pool construction business.

Both ventures have become successful partnerships with his two brother-in-laws. Charlie says, “My partnerships have taught me a lot about the importance of communication and the organizational structure aspects of running a profitable business. Market research and negotiation are everyday pursuits in our real estate investment business. Sales and customer service after the sale have been keys to the rapid growth of our swimming pool construction business. My business partners and I use and discuss the tools and techniques learned through Sandler on a daily basis.”

Charlie is a steady relator that loves the relationship-building aspect of business. “Sandler’s mutually beneficial approach to the buyer/seller interaction is so comfortable for both the customer and the sales professional when you know where you are in the sales process at all times."

Like David Sandler, I believe that sales is a noble profession. Helping others unlock their potential through the Sandler system is a dream opportunity! I look forward to the relationships and success stories yet to be created and told.”

In his free time, Charlie enjoys spending time with his family (including his wife Morgan and their three children, Vivian, Charlie Jr., and Maggie) and friends, professional networking, and staying active in his community.

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