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About Sandler Training Chattanooga

Dedicated to your success

Our method

Focusing on three key areas—attitude, behavior and technique—the Sandler Training method is a comprehensive plan that provides the knowledge and support needed to implement real change over time.

Thanks, Sandler Training!

I've Discovered a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Thanks to Sandler Training's Executive Coaching, I've discovered new parameters for being a well-rounded professional. Of all the great things I've learned through Sandler Training, work-life balance has been truly life-changing.

Bridgett Massengill | Thrive Regional Partnership

Sandler provides training and consulting solutions for Fortune 500 companies and small- to medium-sized businesses through:

  • Sales and sales management training
  • Negotiations training
  • Management and Leadership training for business owners and senior executives
  • Customer Service training
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Thanks, Sandler Training!

I’ve exceeded my quota by over 44%

From Amateur to Professional

I started with Sandler Training as I was beginning my career in sales. I had no experience in sales and certainly did not have any formal training. It turns out this was a blessing. Sandler helped me go from an amateur sales person to a professional with reason and intent for every word that comes out of my mouth. I learned how to get the prospect talking and close deals when the prospect is ready to buy. I have closed more deals in my first year than anyone at my company, including myself, ever expected.

Charlie Mizer | Account Executive | East-West Media, Inc

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