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Exceeded Revenue Goal By 156%

Thank you Sandler Training!

"We were concerned given the senior level of the people that we were looking to train, would they relate to the information Sandler presented? Would the training information relate to our industry? Our world has changed a lot over the last 5 years. Now our executives have to be not just good operationally but also good relationship managers, account managers and support the sales process. We had to round out their skill set to grow with the industry. I’m amazed at how strong the curriculum is and how it is presented and articulated in a way that the concepts are remembered and continually repeated making us stop, pause and think through the deeper meaning of the process.

The ongoing, reinforcement nature of the coaching and training is very beneficial with the more senior, more experienced professionals that we’re dealing with. On the flip-side, even the younger people that we put through the Sandler program, it was very easy for them to pick up, even though they weren’t very experienced in the industry. It was broad enough to apply to someone with minimal experience and yet specific enough to those folks who have been in the industry for twenty-some years.”

Sean Coakley | Sr. Vice President | Kenco Group

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