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That's what Chattanooga developer Dane Bradshaw might have been thinking until he saw his veteran team at Thunder Enterprises grow revenues by an astounding 298%. Even for Dane’s seasoned and talented team, learning new methodologies from Sandler Training is paying off.

“Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?” That was the initial challenge we were given by Dane Bradshaw, President of Thunder Enterprises. He wanted to ensure that teaching Sandler methodology to an already talented, experienced group of real estate professionals in the Chattanooga area could take great to even better, rather than starting them back at square one. Bradshaw knew the intrinsic value of learning new game plans for success. As a popular guard on the Tennessee Volunteers basketball team, Bradshaw directed plays just as he’s directing the growth of Jasper Highlands, a massive 9,000-acre residential development atop the scenic Jasper Mountain. During his basketball career with the Volunteers, Bradshaw recognized the value in paying attention to making his team successful. He was named the captain of Sports Illustrated’s “All Glue Team,” which celebrated players who did the little things that made teams stick together. The coaches at Sandler Training in Chattanooga were both excited to work together and loved the passion he showed for his company.

Mr. Bradshaw’s question was incredibly wise and is a key challenge that leaders face for themselves and for the growth of their team members. The need for professional development is readily apparent for young workers who are just starting out in their careers. They need to learn the way operating systems work, how products are built, and strategies are created. However, we believe it’s just as important for seasoned professionals with years and years of experience to stay sharp by learning new methods and advances in their fields.

1. Professional Development Reminds You of Your Passion

Remember how exciting it was to make your first sale? Remember how great it was when your business earned its first customer? Perhaps you’re like many and even had it framed! It’s a natural tendency to become familiar with your profession after several years in your career. Experience can be a great benefit, but if you’re not careful, life can become routine and often mundane. However, when you expose yourself to learning how you can consistently improve your skillset, you’ll be amazed at how you remember that great feeling of when you were first starting out. You’ll have the benefit of having years of experience, while still having the passion of a newcomer!

2. Learning New Methods Keeps You Sharp

Professional development isn’t solely about the actual things that you learn. Often, the biggest value is exercising your mind in the first place. We were fascinated by a recent study by U.S. News and World Report that analyzed large groups of men and women who lived to age 100. When they listed their top recommendations on how to live till age 100, six of their top ten recommendations were related to learning new things! Honing your skills is a critical step whether you are a newcomer to the team or whether you’re the veteran. On a related note, the more your newer team members see your veterans buying in to a new philosophy, the easier it will be to convince your younger team members of its value.

3. Learning Prepares Your Company for Market Changes

It’s important to know that professional development doesn’t need to be an indictment of any type of past failure. Instead, learning new methods and new systems can be likened to how Dane Bradshaw’s Volunteers developed new game plans for their opponents. Just as the strengths of his basketball opponents changed, Bradshaw knew the value in sharpening the sales techniques of his team members in a unique time in the real estate market. By reinvesting in his team’s professional development with Sandler Sales Training, Dane Bradshaw and his team at Thunder Enterprises grew their revenues by an astounding 298%! His team has noted that they’re not just bringing in more prospects, but that the new methods of engagement which they received from Sandler Training are helping them close new deals at a record rate. “Not only has our team bought in,” Bradshaw said, “they’re learning and applying. We’re really impressed!”


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