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Professional Development

CHATTANOOGA, TN., October 2019 – Sandler Training of Chattanooga, TN is excited to announce that their Vice President, Wade Rowan is now a certified Extended DiSC Trainer.

From the time we start tee ball, we are told, “There’s no I in team.” While this may be true in Little League, as Bridgett Massengill of Thrive Regional Partnership and many other successful executives have learned the hard way, if managers do not take the time to prioritize their own growth and development, they can find themselves exhausted, unfulfilled, and unmotivated to grow.

That's what Chattanooga developer Dane Bradshaw might have been thinking until he saw his veteran team at Thunder Enterprises grow revenues by an astounding 298%. Even for Dane’s seasoned and talented team, learning new methodologies from Sandler Training is paying off.

For many, sales are cyclical. Have you historically had lower sales in the last three months of the year? It amazes me how frequently I talk to people about their views on sales during the fourth quarter, and how they’re okay with fewer sales. Why do sales people, business owners and leaders feel this way?

What do you do when you attempt something and don’t initially achieve the results you are after? Do you think you can do it…and try again? Or do you think that you can’t do it and give up? If your beliefs are of the “can do” sort, you try again and again until you succeed. If they are of the “can’t do” sort…you know the answer.

Setting goals is an important part of sales, management, and leadership. But frequently we try to accomplish them by ourselves. We don’t live in a vacuum! But when we run into obstacles, we make the mistake of acting like we’re alone. When something gets in the way of your goals, it doesn’t always work to ask, “What do I do?” Sometimes, you need to ask, “Who can help?”

The STORY: Melinda did not consider herself lucky in sales. Of course, there were those in the sales meeting who felt otherwise.

Several months ago, a client of mine who runs a small, profitable business serving other businesses shared with me that she was receiving powerful sales training from Sandler Training, and my ears perked up. Many entrepreneurial women I coach find the sales process extremely challenging and perplexing, and fewer still have had the courage to walk directly into their challenges by signing up for sales training. I was intrigued by what she shared,

Has this ever happened to you? You had an initial meeting with a prospect. You asked that prospect what seemed to be all the right questions. You had what felt to you like a good conversation, and based on that conversation, you scheduled the next meeting. You sat down at your computer. You prepared a proposal... ...which bombed. There are a lot of possible reasons for that outcome, but today, consider this possibility: You weren’t listening actively...

Having the guts to ask the important questions can really pay off. In the case of one of my clients, it recently dramatically increased his importance to a referral partner.

Did you ever have a conversation with a prospect who suddenly, and for no apparent reason, became unreceptive to perfectly good advice?

New clients come to me with one primary question: How do I get organized?

Joe Muse with Strategic Financial Partners not only reduced his time in the office from 60 hours per week by 30%. He has increased efficiency and is able to onboard new team members who are up to speed in 58% of the time. How did he resist the temptation of “saving time” by skipping the planning step – and not getting straight to work?