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If you have an experienced team, they’ve likely sat through hundreds of hours of training on your products or services. They know your company history, the way that your product or service can apply to various scenarios, and many different other things that your company can offer clients. What can happen, though, is your team members know so much about the company’s many solutions that they may overlook the client’s own solution.

Before prospects will invest time meeting with you, much less invest in your product or service, they will want to know, “What’s in it for me?” Rather than discussing the features of your product or service, focus on the desirable outcome your product or service creates and the process by which that desirable outcome is produced. Notice that giving someone an overview of your process is not the same thing as reciting your product specifications or your user’s manual!

That's what Chattanooga developer Dane Bradshaw might have been thinking until he saw his veteran team at Thunder Enterprises grow revenues by an astounding 298%. Even for Dane’s seasoned and talented team, learning new methodologies from Sandler Training is paying off.

After working with Sandler Training, not only did Jonathan Frost see a 300% increase in his company’s revenue, but he also found someone who would invest in his own personal and professional growth.

Ask salespeople to list their least favorite selling activities, and you can count on “prospecting” being at the top of the list. And, the least favorite of all prospecting activities is unquestionably making cold calls.