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Learn More About Our Home Improvement Sales Mastery Class

Home Improvement Sales Mastery Class

Experience the training that scores of home improvement professionals participate in from all over the country, honing their selling skills!

Over the last three years in working with the training team in Chattanooga our company has grown 300%. By slowing down and following the Sandler system, my team of sales professionals has been able to help so many more homeowners make their dreams come to life. We are confident in the process, and we have firm belief that we are simply having conversations to figure out if we are the right fit to help each homeowner. I am proud to invest in Sandler! A 35 to 1 ROI is unbelievable, but the bigger blessing for me is to see the personal and professional growth for the people on our team. 

Jamie Breneman
VP of Sales/Marketing
Chattanooga Exteriors 

James Berry Testimonial

James Berry, Sales at Chattanooga Exteriors  

Doubled My Revenue!

'Well, like most salespeople, and teenagers for that matter, I thought I knew everything already.  After all, I’ve been doing sales for most of my adult life.  However, if I was honest with myself, I was having inconsistencies in closing clients as well as dealing with a good deal of “ghosting” from prospective clients.  I’ve recognized that by following the Sandler systematic selling process I’ve been able to double my revenue!  Things like applying the Up Front Contract, utilizing my time better by qualifying prospects more effectively, and learning to “slow down to speed up” has taken my quality control to a whole new level!'

I'm delighted to share my experience with Sandler Chattanooga. In the ever-evolving real estate industry, our nationwide operations demanded a systematic approach to sales and business development. Sandler Chattanooga's genuine interest, in-depth inquiries, and thoughtful business survey set them apart right from the start. Their team of seasoned professionals fosters idea-sharing and encourages self-discovery, guiding us to define our purpose, identify our target audience, and determine our strategies. As our organization expanded, we realized the need for an internal agent to drive growth. Sandler Chattanooga empowered us to outperform our competition and establish clear expectations with clients. Their invaluable support extended to performance reviews, hiring processes, onboarding, and ongoing development, resulting in an astounding 400% growth in assets under management over the last 24 months. We wholeheartedly endorse Sandler Chattanooga as a trusted partner for growth. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Cameron Bailey
Real Estate Investor & Management

Our Home Improvement Expert Trainer

Wade Rowan with Marine Emblem - Sandler Chattanooga

Meet Wade Rowan

Wade Rowan is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in sales, management, leadership, and training. With a passion for creative thinking, positive development, and growth, Wade is a skilled speaker, teacher, and coach who has worked across all industries in the marketplace. He believes in maintaining profitable sales while providing the highest level of customer service to each client. Wade’s systematic approaches equip individuals and businesses to lead, manage, sell, and serve effectively by focusing on core principles such as maintaining the right attitudes, behaviors, and techniques.

As a former Marine, Wade understands that orientation is key to success. He believes in asking pertinent questions to determine one's position and then creating a systematic plan of action to achieve goals. Wade has experience in employee assessments, hiring, and accountability and has served on various boards and committees within his community. He is also available for speaking engagements on topics such as Communication, Problem Solving, Sales & Negotiations, Leadership, Team Development, and Accountability.