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OOH Leadership Blog Creating A High Performance Culture by Nausley - Sandler Chattanooga

OOH Leadership: Creating A High Performance Culture

There are certain foundational aspects that must be in place if your OOH company is going to be as highly effective, efficient and as profitable as it can be.  One of those things, in my opinion, is to have a culture of accountability.  In our 40+ years of running media companies, training, coaching and providing executive coaching we have NEVER seen a company realize its full potential without a culture of accountability.  

OOH Leadership Blog Being Right

OOH Leadership: What’s Wrong with Being Right?

Many of our OOH clients have heard me tell the story of one of the great mentors I’ve had in my career.  I still talk to him several times a year… and have for the last 40+ years! He had such a deep and profound effect on me that it would be impossible to overestimate his value in my life…professionally and personally.

Ever Put Off Prospecting Tasks Image

Ever Put Off Prospecting Tasks…And Faced An Income Crisis As A Result?

By now it’s not news to anyone that the markets have been volatile…if not a bit scary this week in particular.  Who really knows what the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters will bring in the way of an economy…Anemic? Strong? Recessionary?  I for one am very bullish on out of home in 2023 no matter the economy as long as we make sure and do the things that we are in control of.

New Team Member

Charlie Mizer Sandler CHA VP

Meet Charlie Mizer

Charlie joins Sandler Chattanooga as a Vice President after being a valued industry partner.

Charlie grew up in a family billboard business. From an early age Charlie was involved in all aspects of the business alongside his father and two brothers. After earning a business degree from Lee University, where he played on the baseball team, he began his career in operations for the growing mid-sized company in East Tennessee. He later became an account executive, and eventually assumed the role of VP of sales, managing the sales team. His practical knowledge of developing teams and running successful businesses is extremely valuable.

Charlie is passionate about helping others unlock their potential through the Sandler system.