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Meet Wade Rowan

Sandler Training in Chattanooga, TN

Wade Rowan

Wade Rowan has over 30 years of experience in sales, management, leadership, and training. He knows and understands the importance of maintaining both profitable sales while offering the highest level of customer service to each and every client. He is an experienced and gifted speaker, teacher and coach who has a passion for creative thinking, positive development, encouragement and growth.

While serving in the United States Marine Corps, Wade learned early on that Orientation Is Key to success. He believes that you must first ask prudent questions to determine where you are – then a systematic plan of action can be created to allow you to accomplish your mission.

Clients who work with Wade learn to apply proven systematic approaches to better equip them to lead, manage, sale and serve. He has a broad knowledge, working with all industries in the marketplace. Wade understands and teaches core principle such as assuring you and your employees maintain the proper attitudes, practicing the right behaviors and applying the best techniques.

He believes that sometimes people make things harder than they need to be, and only through the proper use of measurable and systematic approaches will a business be able to adjust and adapt in an ever-changing marketplace.

Wade has extensive experience in employee assessments, hiring, and accountability. He has served on various boards and committees within his community, including the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, and is an active leader, teacher, and deacon at his church.

By reservation, Wade is available to speak on many given topics such as Communication, Problem Solving, Sales & Negotiations, Leadership, Team Development, and Accountability.

For reservations please call 423 702 5579 or email