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We Serve—Sales Teams & Individuals

Whether you're just starting out, or you're a seasoned professional wanting to up your game

Thanks, Sandler Training

Our Company Has Increased Revenue, Close Ratios, and Quality of Sales

I am a Sandler Training bounce back. I was a client beforehand, so I knew the value of it. I initially attended Sales Mastery (President’s Club) with Sandler Training in Chattanooga years ago. I then joined their Strategic Management & Leadership sessions. My main reason for choosing to re-engage with Sandler Training was to have a sales process we could replicate.

Success and growth for us means adding sales team members and having a process so my sales force and I are all speaking the same language. I have been adding to my Sales Playbook with lessons from every class. This has made it fun for me to continue to hone my skills and show that I am dedicated to continual improvement as a role model for our team.

Three Biggest Sales Mistakes You Should Never Make

Find out how to avoid these critical errors that cost you sales.

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A system with predictable, repeatable results

Predictable prospecting results is not a myth.

For small sales teams, prospecting can be a roller-coaster—one month you're up, the next you're down. The ride isn't always fun. The Sandler Selling System levels out the sales playing field, so you can depend on predictable results. 


Using social selling tools like LinkedIn can be a huge game changer for sales teams on a budget. These tools can level the playing field, enabling salespeople to connect with prospects they pre-qualifiy by industry, company size or other key indicators.

The caveat is that if you don't have a system to clearly define what you're looking for and a replicable system for what to do with it, this activity has the potential to become a black hole, consuming time that should be spent actually closing sales.

Thanks, Sandler Training

I Couldn't Ask for Anything Better

I would recommend Sandler Training to anyone who wants to be the best at their craft. With other training programs, you get everything over a full week, and then you wonder how to get started when you get home. With Sandler, you get it in bits and pieces. You go through a training segment. You get an opportunity to use what you've learned, and then you come back the next week for follow up and discussion on what worked and what didn't work.

Mike Steele | Payroll Professionals

Not all sales cycles are the same, especially when it comes to company size and number of decision makers.  From small to med-sized, large and enterprise organizations, your job is to control the prospect to the close.

Thanks, Sandler Training

Taking my game to a new level

After joining my earnings have shot up 147%, thank you, Sandler Training!

Learning to quickly discern other's personality styles and how to effectively communicate with everyone has taken my game to a new level. I now have the ability to truly connect with my clients. Discovering their real needs and concerns to determine the best financial solution for each individual client. They are so happy that the referrals that I am getting are fueling explosive growth in the number of new clients asking for my help!

Rob Vessell | Wellness Financial Advisors | Capital Financial Group


Transform mediocre performers into selling superstars.

The best-selling sales classic, with battle-tested advice on driving personal and organizational success by breaking the rules of conventional selling. The second edition has been updated by Sandler CEO and President David Mattson who provides additional skills designed for today’s highly competitive, more complex, tech-savvy sales landscape.