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Up $25k/Mo. consistently!
Before I met you guys, we were fat and happy, rolling right along. The last thing we needed in my mind was sales help.

What I began to realize as we talked was we weren’t nearly as fat and happy as I thought - at 88% occupancy we were doing great but we were also leaving a lot on the table that could make us even more successful.

I’ve been blessed with long time staff and salespeople - but I also know they’re just tired of listening to me, what I had to say didn’t have as much impact after a period.

Since we have engaged with Sandler Chattanooga our occupancy was driven up to the mid 90’s very quickly and it’s caused our monthly billing to be up $25K per month consistently, month in and month out.

I think an awful lot of the continued impact has been the relationship and the trust that has been developed with the team. They know you understand our business and you’re always willing to help any time they reach out.

It’s not just sales we have benefited’s the way you have engaged us as leaders, as executives. You’ve helped me personally from a management perspective and certainly made me a better coach to my people.

Pete Schroeder, President
View Outdoor




Does your team struggle with things like...

  • Average rate/face not pacing with increasing expenses

  • Hard to get clients to invest in fresh messages/vinyls

  • Having trouble with getting/keeping occupancy at 90%+

  • Not getting enough quality referrals

  • Fear renewal conversations; avoid ongoing client dialogue

  • Struggle with what to say to get annual deals closed

  • Difficulty getting prospects to act before avails change

  • Have no effective way to hold salespeople accountable

  • Winging it; no proven, repeatable sales process

  • Not sure how to coach people out of a sales slump

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2020 sales volume is up 30%!
We have a very strong culture of learning and improving at YESCO and after hearing you at one of the IBO seminars, I felt that Sandler Chattanooga was just a really good fit for us.

Part of what I had realized about our industry was that the consultative approach to selling was critical to the maturation of our sales group. As an organization we really felt like it was important to not only improve professionalism but also have everyone on the same page in terms of consultative selling.

2020 has been an incredible year for us...our sales volume is up 30% over 2019 in spite of the pandemic! I could not be more pleased with our results. It’s been pretty incredible and satisfying that our board looks at our performance and there’s a lot of smiles.

Just because your salespeople have a certain skill set doesn’t mean they know how to use that skill set in ways that produce the best results. You have to learn to be empathetic, really understand the customer’s needs by exploring. Sandler Chattanooga does a great job of teaching those techniques. From that comes a confidence they gain because they are comfortable in their own professionalism and in the consultative approach.

Your enthusiasm and love of what you do translates for our people. They respond to that because they believe you believe in what you’re doing. That makes it easy for them to grasp and say, that’s how I want to do it. A lot of the credit goes to the tutor. Anybody can take a subject and deliver it. However, when it’s delivered well, and by someone who truly understands the outdoor world, it becomes far more meaningful. You guys do a great job of delivery!

Pat O’Donnell, President
YESCO Outdoor Media


Occupancy rate is now at 96%!
You are always hearing about sales training out there, but you wonder...does it really work? Is it the right method for our industry or our team?

I did want to make sure I was getting the most out of my reps, that they were doing the best job they could. I wanted them to have every tool available to help them do the best job they could for our advertisers.

I will say that after the initial training we did with Sandler Chattanooga, the team actually thanked me for investing in them because they could tell it was making a difference for them.

We are now running in the mid 90’s on our occupancy and on the strength of that occupancy it has allowed us to really begin to put upward pressure on our average rates. We now have a great deal of confidence that we can sell our boards at a higher rate if the current advertiser chooses not to renew at an increase. Frankly, we are approaching it with such confidence now that we really are not getting any push back.

I think one of the many things that has been impactful for our team is the change in the dynamic in our conversations with advertisers using the system. We now have EQUAL stature - no more feeling subservient to the prospect or client!

Warren Stancil, President
Interstate Outdoor


Experience the training that scores of OOH professionals participate in from all over the country, honing their selling skills!



2020: record setting volume!
The timing to engage could not have been more perfect... it was like divine intervention. The team was requesting training, guidance and new information. We are a 104 year old company and we were struggling to just step up our game and take it to the next level.

The initial kickoff training was spot on and immediately got everyone energized! Subsequently, the constant feeding of information, regular connection, keeping everything fresh in our mind and always being there to answer questions about what’s happening in the field has just been fabulous!

When the Covid shutdown happened it was extremely intense. If we had not started the training prior to that and had not had that momentum, that “kick in the pants”, I really believe the outcome would have been completely different.

We’ve just closed our October books and it was record setting volume! We have fabulous salespeople and they are loving following the system and the success they are having.

It’s fun and exciting to see the team experience new things and have even more enthusiasm and energy! I have a very seasoned sales team and those “old dogs are learning new tricks”.

I would highly recommend anyone in the outdoor business to reach out and have a conversation - working with Sandler Chattanooga is awesome! I wouldn’t say that you guys are miracle workers but you’ve given us the right customized tools for our industry. Our tools have been sharpened and we’re ready to roll!

MaryJane Shackelford, President
Barnes Advertising Corporation





Super impressed, exceptional value!

We’ve all encountered a lot of what I call sales training “hucksters”. The “pushers” of all things sales and there are oodles of those types out there. A lot of us have built up a defense against it. But your firm came so highly and so strongly recommended that I thought it was worth taking a look at.

In my role as GM of IBOUSA I want to bring in available resources to improve the well being of our operators. We’d tried several different folks in the past with very mixed or just flat feedback. When we brought in Sandler Chattanooga I was super impressed with the professionalism - not only the content but the vim & vigor of the presentation.

The feedback from our operators and associates has been very, very positive. I know that has caused several of them to engage with you to work with their sales people and with them to become better leaders.

For me one of the most impactful take aways is the tool you use to identify all members of the team’s behavioral and communication style preferences. It’s helped us tremendously to understand how to better interact and communicate effectively with each other. We use that all the time and I love it! It has been exceptionally valuable to me.

I’ve really appreciated the intensity, the concern and care you have for our members. It’s my job to pull in different educational and training services for IBOUSA and Sandler Chattanooga has been at the top of that list. I’d give you a 10 out of 10 for performance, participation and support of the group...AND people are making money because of it! I know because I am often being told by our members who use your firm.

Chris Cowlbeck, GM




Made Our Investment Back 1000 Times Over!

Recently, we have been getting pricing from salespeople for various home services at our house. I have realized that the sales training we paid for and plowed ourselves into while building East-West Media for the last few years before selling was invaluable. We experienced our largest growth during this training period. If you hire salespeople because they have “experience” you may be surprised that their experience might not add up to much substance or actual skill. If you have a sales team I implore you to talk with Dan Nausley of Sandler Training. We spent a few bucks but made our money back 1000 fold.

I’m not you but hiring inexperienced or growth minded sales people and starting their training with Dan and his team would yield much better results than hoping someone figures it out because they are “sharp.” They helped make me a lot of money and I didn’t fully realize this until I had a bunch of talkers and bull rushers show up to throw out quotes on our repairs and improvements. I can’t tell you what it costs. I have already forgotten. It was cheap in comparison to paying our sales team to not make sales. It took a tremendous burden off of me and grew our company rapidly. What is that worth?

Brad Mizer, President
East West Media



3 of the last 5 months set sales records!
In the past, any training we’ve done, someone would come in for a day or two, tell us a few things and then be gone forever having cashed our check. I love how we’ve stayed engaged with Sandler Chattanooga for ongoing training, coaching and accountability to apply what we’ve learned so I get the full return on my investment!

Providing my team with a proven systematic sales process that we can then hold the team accountable to is huge. I’m completely bought in because when I have used the system, whether it has been with an advertiser or a land owner negotiating a lease, it works!

We’ve only been engaged for a few months at this point but 3 of the last 5 months have broken records for sales volume! Our management team looks at what Sandler Chattanooga has done and sees that it works if our people apply it and apply it consistently. Our salespeople who have are growing their revenue each month!

Claude Dicks, President
Allison Outdoor