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Join us for an insightful exploration where Tom Nation offers invaluable insights and actionable strategies for sales professionals aiming to excel in prospecting amidst the ever-evolving digital landscape of 2024.

This week, join host Mike Montague as he engages in a compelling conversation with Steve Spiro, renowned as the Master Connector, unraveling the secrets to transcending the digital barrier and fostering genuine virtual connections.

"If you want to do something, you find a way. If you don’t want to do something, you find an excuse." – Dawn Bauer

The secret to "finding a way"? Painful and demanding practice and hard work. As sales professionals, we should all be regularly committed to finding new business. However, most don’t, for basically one of three reasons (or perhaps a little of all three):

This week, tune in as Dr. Courtney McCashland delves into the intricacies of building the sales force of the future.

Our training is not about just exposing you to and making you aware of successful sales techniques and strategies. Training should condition you through repetition to act and react in certain ways. This conditioning becomes a way of life based on rules, principles, and systems developed to ensure your success.

This week, elevate your nonprofit leadership with insights from Mike Kenny. Discover the essential behaviors and strategies necessary for running a nonprofit like a successful business.

This week, elevate your customer service strategy with insights from Karl Schaphorst. Discover the pivotal role customer care plays in driving business success beyond reactive support.

Videoconferencing has the potential to lead us into a serious, rapport-killing selling mistake that a whole lot of us are, unfortunately, already strongly predisposed to make.

One of the mistakes that we see often with leaders of OOH sales teams is that they spend an inordinate amount of their time working with the team members that are not performing at an acceptable level.  Sometimes spending as much as 75% of their time on the weakest performing salespeople.  Trying desperately to raise the bar on their performance, often they will by in large neglect interactions with the high performers on the team.

‍It may sound counterintuitive to not focus all your efforts trying to improve the reps who have the most opportunity for improvement.  However, think of it this way. If you have to lose a salesperson, who would you rather see go?  The high performer or the one that never seems to come close to reaching the minimum level of production you expect.  The most valuable investment you can make in your salespeople is your time, your attention, your guidance and your coaching.  

While we are not suggesting that you shouldn’t work with and spend time with the under performing reps, we must avoid at all costs the perception that the only way to get your attention is to under perform.