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Sandler's Business Solutions

A systematic approach to success, regardless of industry or organization size.

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Asking the Right Questions

The biggest benefit I've received from Sandler Training is the ability to ask the right question. After a few weeks of training, I was able to apply this principle to gain a new client and $300,000 of new business, simply by asking the right question.

Mike James | Marion Environmental

When your organization needs more than a "one-size-fits-all" approach

Not all companies prospect, sell, or service the same way. When you make an investment in training for high performance teams, you expect measurable results.

Don’t give up hope. Change can happen.

It may be time for you to think about a training partner who will customize your training program based on YOUR needs, regardless of your industry or organizational structure.

A training partner with a proven track record of lasting success with small, mid-sized or Fortune 500 clients all over the globe.

Further maximize your investment in sales and management training with additional reinforcement 24/7.

Thanks, Sandler Training

Phenomenal Job!

I acquired a team that was very strong technically but they didn’t have a solid sales process and were uncomfortable developing business. Sales were critical to our success and I wanted the team to understand how to make calls and acquire new business. The reputation of Sandler Training weighed heavily on my decision to move forward. I was proud to lead and grow this team of employees. Partnering with Sandler gave them a better sales process and strategy which was really powerful in helping us achieve a 30% increase in sales. Sandler did a phenomenal job of keeping participants engaged, making sessions interactive and keeping people discussing. I was highly impressed with that since typical training tends to be a bit boring.

Sheila Boyington, President
Thinking Media/Learning Blade
Member of Million Women Mentors

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When you want growth to come from an increase in productivity from your leadership team all the way through to your customer service team.

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Simple, Actionable Assessments

Utilizing Sandler Training’s assessment tool you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your new employees from day one. Onboard knowing how a new hire fits into your team, and plot a career with current skills in mind. This in-depth report uses the web-based Devine Inventory® behavioral assessment to offer a complete understanding of the skills of a new team member, reviewed and debriefed with your Sandler Coach so you can train for success.

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